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Thu, 27 October 2016

Brangelina news update - Fri, 7 October 2016

I did write a short time ago about the Brangelina split. I said I don't care about it. And I still don't. But I did say if anything interesting came out I would post an update.

For what seemed like weeks people were discussing how they would split the fortune. I remember at the time I said to somebody - "this is rubbish - there is NO WAY they didn't have a pre-nup."

And so when the stories came out that they did in fact have a pre-nup, I was not shocked.

See here for example:

It is common sense. If you want to ensure there are no arguments in the future, you need to think about a contracting out agreement (pre-nup). It does not matter if you have $50,000.00 to save, or $500,000,000. The same rule applies - if you don't take steps to protect it, you risk losing it.

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